KEPServerEX 6.x

Fully utilize the KEPServer

KEPServerEX 6.x

The workshop to dive into the depths of the KEPServer

If you are already familiar with the basic functionalities of KEPServerEX, this workshop offers you the opportunity to fully utilize the functionality of the software.

In this workshop we give you the opportunity to get answers to your specific questions. We will work out ideas and solutions for your technical problems around KEPServerEX.

... and if this is not enough to talk about, you might be interested in the following questions:

What is the IoT gateway?

We present the possibilities to extend the server part of KEPServerEX so that data can be written directly to the cloud using the new protocols such as MQTT or HTTP/REST.

What are Advanced Tags?

Calculate with the KEPServerEX. Learn to calculate values with the Advanced Tags or connect two controllers that normally cannot communicate with each other.

What does an OPC-UA client do at the field level?

Learn how field-level data exchange also works from network to network. Learn about OPC-UA's ability to install secure machine communication across firewalls. Future-proof!


to your questions we work out in the group. We use your knowledge of your company's technology and combine it with our knowledge of the software's capabilities.

We tackle existing problems directly and try to solve them during the workshop. Practical and understandable.

Workshop "KEPServerEX 6.x"


Price: on request

Training duration: 1 day

(subject to change)

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