Using the FASDesigner to its full potential


The workshop to get to know the manifold functions of FASDesigner even better.

You have already familiarized yourself with the basic functions of FASDesigner. The first dashboards have been created and work without any problems.

In this workshop we want to go one step further with you. 

Visualize data depending on other parameters. Use Advance Grids to design "tile" interfaces. Create terrain maps with actual data or visualize parts of your production.

Generate drop-down fields with situation-specific content or link tables together in such a way that dependencies become clear.

How do I get the necessary data?

Learn to understand the dependencies of FASDesigner and FASConfiguration. Find the right data in your database and make it available to FASConfiguration and thus also to FASDesigner.

Can I work with my own images?

Learn to personalize your web pages with your own images and adapt them to the corporate identity of the company. 

Use images in site overviews or in the representation of production processes.

Use e.g. GIF files to visualize movements depending on machine conditions.

How do I protect my new web pages from unauthorized access? We work out with you how you can secure your site via the Windows user or via your own rights assignment so that it can only be accessed by authorized persons.


we will of course also answer any questions that may have arisen during operation.

We will work out solutions together with you and show you a few "tricks of the trade" to make things even easier for you in the future.

Workshop "FASDesigner"


Price: on request

Training duration: 1 day

(subject to change)

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