POWERFUL With the help of top performance and powerful tools, Eco²lot enables you to keep a clear overview of all relevant energy data.
BORDERLESS Unlimited extension of your system up to the construction of a production portal and the visualization of your production processes with live data.
TRANSPARENT Eco²lot provides you with transparency across the group, giving you an overview of all your processes, consumption and workflows.
INDEPENDENT Eco²lot is a manufacturer-independent software and can therefore also be used throughout your plant.
EASY INTEGRATION Eco²lot fits seamlessly into the existing infrastructure thanks to its flexible and open system architecture and can be deployed worldwide.
USER-FRIENDLY Eco²lot is easy to configure in your company and intuitive to operate. Your data is processed, prepared and analyzed fully automatically.

Eco²lot supports you on your way to the implementation and certification of the energy management system according to DIN EN ISO 50001.


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Energiemanagement Software

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The ideal thing is that Eco²lot is intuitively structured and requires only a short training period. By automating manual processes, your specialists then have more time for value-adding tasks and optimization projects.
We will show you the advantages of our software solution free of charge and without obligation!
Anna (31), energy controller at a medium-sized company

"Quick start-up, super results and real experts".

"There was the need for comprehensive software at our company because the costs were getting too high and we didn't have the manufacturing visibility we needed. Since working with Eco²lot, our manufacturing operations are not interrupted unexpectedly as often as before and we have a much clearer view of our cost structures. The Eco²lot team has given us a successful introduction to energy management software, and we plan to map and monitor our entire operations using this software. The comprehensive capabilities of Eco²lot inspire me every day!"
Chris (58), PhD in mechanical engineering and managing director

"A reliable partner with the right solutions for our challenges".

"As we are currently in the middle of a digital restructuring of our processes, we were looking for a technologically open system that is not limited to energy data management. We already have so many programs in use anyway. It's easy to lose track of everything. In addition, there are usually license costs per user and data point. With Eco²lot, we have created a central platform in the company, into which all the data relevant to us, starting with energy data management, the operating data of our plants and machines, and the data relevant to our production, flow together."
Howard (41), production manager of a hydraulics manufacturer

"Finally, we have transparency in our operations and processes."

"Eco²lot makes our work much easier! The energy efficiency software serves us as a central platform in our operations, in which we store, manage and evaluate all data relevant to us, such as production data, the operating data of our systems and machines, and the building data. Based on this data, the processes are now displayed very clearly and easily understandable. We were able to automate a lot of our manual work in a very short time and now have much better insights. I especially love the feature that I can directly add notes and comments to the energy data. This allows everyone to understand at a glance what happened in any given situation."

Steven (39), energy manager of a municipality

"This is exactly what we need"

"As an energy manager, energy management software is my primary tool. Accordingly, I have informed myself in detail about how the offers of the individual companies differ. Why did I decide on Eco²lot? There, I had the feeling from the beginning that the employees were particularly concerned that Eco²lot could also meet all our requirements as a municipality. They analyzed in detail with me which functions were needed, which expansion potentials were available, and also how we could implement this with the hardware and software. I felt well advised throughout the decision-making process and continue to find the individual service top-notch."

Sabrina (37), IT manager at a food producer

"Not an off-the-shelf product, but customizable energy management software."

"The acquisition of new hardware and software can be implemented quickly and requires only minimal interdisciplinary expertise. However, a comprehensive inventory of the complete infrastructure is a much more complex challenge. Since true energy efficiency can only be achieved if the exact consumption is analyzed and inefficient systems and processes are uncovered and optimized, we were looking for a holistic solution. While searching for specific Industry 4.0 as well as energy management solutions for our operation, I came across the expert team at BS-Systeme."

Carl (33), plant technician at a sand-lime brick plant

"Working proactively instead of reactively saves us time, money and effort!"

"I don't really have anything to do with energy management. But since we have networked all the machines in our plant with Eco²lot and can evaluate the plant data virtually in real time, I have a much better overview of the status of things. We have adjusted our maintenance intervals accordingly and can now react in advance to damage and defects on our equipment. In the past, my work was more about emergencies and quick fixes, but now that I look at our plant data daily in my Eco²lot dashboard, I can see exactly where a repair or replacement will be necessary in the future. I don't want to miss this transparency in my work anymore."


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