Why Eco²lot?


Our advanced energy management software Eco²lot makes operational energy management look easy, so you can focus on your core business. In doing so, Eco²lot is an intelligent and comprehensive solution that adapts to your existing hardware and IT system. At the same time, our team of experts supports you in all challenges and is the right partner for the future!

The dynamic structure of Eco²lot, with an individual dashboard and flexible rights management, ensures that the relevant information is displayed at the right time for every user group - whether for companies, properties or municipalities. It doesn't matter whether you want to capture a few or several thousand energy data points.

Right from the moment of implementation, Eco²lot brings you added value. We realize this through an individual approach that focuses on the customer, innovative approaches and agile implementation.



Capture energy data

  • Direct connection of machines or meters via numerous interfaces.
  • Import of load profile data or external measured values via direct .xls upload.
  • Fast input of manual meters or measured values via a web-based form field.
  • Adding documents, notes and occurring events to energy consumption and measured values.

We show you how you can optimize your energy management quickly and cost-effectively!

Process energy data

  • Subdivision into sequences of 15min, hours, days, weeks, months and shifts.
  • In addition to consumption or generation values, live cost, emissions and energy content are determined.
  • Calculation of the applied EnPIs.
  • Evaluation of energy saving measures according to ISO 50003.
  • In case of occurring deviations, an alarm message is issued.







Analyze energy data

  • Graphical and tabular displays, compare consumers with each other, calculate continuous load characteristics and much more.
  • Via WebReporting, ready-made reports can be easily adapted to your requirements.
  • Or export all recorded data comfortably, e.g. directly into an Excel file.
  • Automated reporting sends the latest reports to the right people at the right time.

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