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Our experts prepare all the necessities for an effective and smooth implementation so that you have reliable energy data from day one with Eco²lot. Your individual hardware and software components are perfectly matched and integrated into Eco²lot. And should you still be faced with unsolved challenges, we will be very happy to discuss and solve them together with you on site or via remote connection.

Our service for you:

Creation of structure plans Eco²lot seamlessly integrates into your existing infrastructure through a flexible and open system architecture, and our team of experts provides support in analyzing your operational structures.
Implementation and initial setup of the Eco²lot software on the customer server You decide which usage model is right for your company. We will advise you in detail and guide you step-by-step through the setup process.
Integration of the measuring points into the system With Eco²lot, all measuring points can be integrated into the energy management system This includes not only electricity, water and heat meters. All other physical variables that reflect the company's input and output are also used. This includes data on materials, operating materials, operating hours, production figures and waste.
Plausibility check of the measured values With Eco²lot, you have comprehensive options for presenting your measured values in an easily understandable way. Not only can you easily create EnPIs (energy performance indicators), but you can also convert them into descriptive diagrams fully automatically.
Create users and permissions The dynamic structure of Eco²lot with an individual dashboard and flexible rights management ensures that the relevant information is displayed at the right time for each user group.
Set up cost centers and customer-specific displays

After configuring the energy meters, Eco²lot records all consumption, the resulting expenses and assigns them to the correct cost centers. Furthermore, Eco²lot can show a consumption in relation to any other values - be it produced goods, other consumptions or the consumption in the previous period.

Instruction of the operators Our experts prepare all the necessities for an effective and smooth induction, so you can hit the ground running from day one. Do you still have questions? We are here for you!

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Eco²lot also makes your everyday life easier by automating manual processes and giving your experts more time for value-adding tasks and optimization projects.

EnergyApps - smart and included

Already included in the standard are numerous tools (apps) that help you detect consumption peaks and deviations and optimize processes. This not only has a direct impact on your energy costs, but also increases the overall efficiency in your working environment.
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Feel free to contact us and learn more about our energy management software Eco²lot!