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The energy­management software for IT & process­engineers

"The acquisition of new hardware and software can be implemented quickly and requires only minimal interdisciplinary expertise. However, a comprehensive inventory analysis of the complete infrastructure is a much more complex challenge. Since true energy efficiency can only be achieved if the exact consumption is analyzed and inefficient systems and processes are uncovered and optimized, we were looking for a holistic solution.  

While searching for specific Industry 4.0 as well as energy management solutions for our operation, I came across the team of experts at BS-Systeme. During a very nice exchange, they were even able to help me with a problem with our CEP server and I also had more comprehensive documentation sent directly to me about their new energy management software Eco²lot. We were particularly interested in the comprehensive EnergyApps, the individual support including training, as well as the attractive funding opportunity. After we discussed this in the team with our energy manager and purchaser, Andreas Babel took the time to answer all our questions.  

At the moment, we are in the process of digitizing our entire operational process flows via the energy management software and presenting them in an easily understandable way. The ancillary process data was previously researched at great expense from e-mail inboxes, shift schedules or company diaries. Today, we store all of this data centrally with Eco²lot. This gives the departments a much better understanding of each other's work and challenges. 

Even after almost 3 months with Eco²lot, I enjoy working with it every day and I have to say, Eco²lot is not an off-the-shelf product, but a flexible and customizable energy management software that enables a systematic approach taking into account availability and sustainability aspects."

My highlights of working with Eco²lot:

  • A solution for digital production based on the "Industry 4.0" model 

  • Transparent and clearly structured software

  • Smart automatisms in the collection, management and evaluation of our data 

  • Comprehensive training and individual consulting/support 

  • Sustainable software that I can develop myself further
Intelligentes Energiemanagement mit Eco2lot

Take advantage of our experts' experience in increasing efficiency in production.

With Eco²lot, you reduce costs for energy and resources and have a basis for further applications from the field of Industry 4.0. At the same time, you act ecologically sustainable and lay the foundation for applications from the field of digitalization by using a future-proof platform.
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ISO 50001

Understand the ISO 50001 energy standard, implement it effectively and increase energy efficiency

Eco²lot supports you on your way from the implementation of the energy management system according to DIN EN ISO 50001 to certification and continuous improvement.
Read all about the energy standard here!
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"Eco²lot is not an off-the-shelf product, but a flexible and customizable energy management software."

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EnergyApps - smart and all-in

Already included in the standard are numerous tools (apps) that help you detect consumption peaks and deviations and optimize processes. This not only has a direct impact on your energy costs, but also increases the overall efficiency in your working environment.
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