Eco2lot - Eine Energiemanagement Software, die Ihre Produktion auf dem Weg zu mehr Energieeffizienz unterstützt


An energy­management software for production­managers

"When selecting our future energy management software, it was particularly important to me that it was a technically open system with flexible interfaces so that I could seamlessly integrate the software into our existing production infrastructure. After all, a central goal of our energy management is to establish digital production in addition to energy efficiency.

Eco²lot makes our work much easier! The energy efficiency software serves as a central platform for our operations, where we store, manage and evaluate all relevant data, such as production data, the operating data of our systems and machines, and building data. Based on this data, the processes are now displayed very clearly and easily understandable in the software. We were able to automate a lot of our manual work in a very short time and now have much better insights. I especially love the feature that I can directly add notes and comments to the energy data. This allows everyone to see at a glance what happened in any given situation. 

My team and I work with the software every day and use it to monitor all of our operating processes. The exchange of information with the other departments, for example Controlling and our energy controller, works as if by itself via Eco²lot. Finally, I don't have to fill out annoying and time-consuming documents and write e-mails." 

My highlights of working with Eco²lot:

  • A program for digital production based on the "Industry 4.0" model 

  • Optimization of maintenance intervals and minimization of repair work

  • Other departments can view the relevant information independently 

  • Minimization of energy consumption during standstill and setup times 

  • A sustainable application that we can develop further ourselves 

  • Predefined operating parameters and KPIs for our plants
Intelligentes Energiemanagement mit Eco2lot

Take advantage of our experts' experience in increasing efficiency in production.

With Eco²lot, you reduce costs for energy and resources and have a basis for further applications from the field of Industry 4.0. At the same time, you act ecologically sustainable and lay the foundation for applications from the field of digitalization by using a future-proof platform.

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ISO 50001

Understand the ISO 50001 energy standard, implement it effectively and increase energy efficiency

Eco²lot supports you on your way from the implementation of the energy management system according to DIN EN ISO 50001 to certification and continuous improvement.
Read all about the energy standard here!

"The energy efficiency software serves as a central platform in our operations, where we store, manage and evaluate all the data relevant to us, such as production data, the operating data of our systems and machines, and building data."


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EnergyApps - smart and all-in

Already included in the standard are numerous tools (apps) that help you detect consumption peaks and deviations and optimize processes. This not only has a direct impact on your energy costs, but also increases the overall efficiency in your working environment.
Energiemanagement für Energiecontroller
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