Energy Layer - User related energy management

From what perspective do you look at your energy data?

With Eco²lot, each employee can view the EnMS as it is most relevant to the function. This means that necessary information is directly at hand and data is categorized according to relevance. Controlling, for example, can view the energy data grouped directly by cost center, or management can look at the consumption values for each individual organization.

The layers are already included in the Eco²lot software and pull the required data directly from your energy management system. This gives you quick insights and conclusions about your performance and saves you the tedious sorting of energy data.

Read more about the different layers available in Eco²lot below:


The Meter Layer gives you an overview of all meters in your energy management system. This allows you to make a simple inventory check or quickly find a meter you are looking for.


This layer breaks down all your data by energy source. For example, with one click you can get all the electricity meters and view the associated alarms.


Through the Metrics layer, you view all the energy performance indicators (EnPIs) of your energy management system. These include standard values, such as electricity and gas consumption, but also self-defined key figures that you can configure directly in Eco²lot.

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Eco²lot also makes your everyday life easier by automating manual processes and giving your experts more time for value-adding tasks and optimization projects.


As the name suggests, this layer lets you view your energy management from the perspective of the cost centers. With one click, you can see which cost center consumes how much energy and can allocate costs accordingly.


The larger the company or group, the more confusing energy management becomes. The organization layer allows you to keep track of the consumption data of each individual organizational unit.


You want an energy management system for all your sites? That's no problem with Eco²lot

The geographic layer gives you the possibility to view your energy data site specific.

EnergyApps - smart and included

Already included in the standard are numerous tools (apps) that help you detect consumption peaks and deviations and optimize processes. This not only has a direct impact on your energy costs, but also increases the overall efficiency in your working environment.


With the Process Layer, you can specifically view all data of a machine line or a production plant. You not only receive energy data, but also production data, which you can integrate via flexible interfaces.


View your energy management at product level and get the exact consumption data for each unit produced. This not only gives you complete transparency, but also allows you to show the CO2 emissions per unit.

Energy management has developed into a complex task that has gained in importance to a high degree due to rising costs and political framework conditions. Take a big step forward with an energy management system certified according to DIN EN ISO 50001 and improve your energy-relevant systems and processes sustainably.

Eco²lot supports you on your way from the implementation of the energy management system according to DIN EN ISO 50001 to certification and continuous improvement.

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