Optimieren Sie Ihre Energieeffizienz auch in der Instandhaltung

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An energy­management software for maintenance

"I don't really have anything to do with energy management. But since we have networked all the machines in our plant with Eco²lot and can evaluate the plant data virtually in real time, I have a much better overview of the status of things. We have adjusted our maintenance intervals accordingly and can now react in advance to damage and defects on our equipment. In the past, my work was more about emergencies and quick fixes, but now that I look at our plant data daily in my Eco²lot dashboard, I can see exactly where a repair or replacement will be necessary in the future. I don't want to miss this transparency in my work anymore. 

Since I have been working with the software on a daily basis, it has become clear to me that energy efficiency and maintenance go hand in hand. We were able to determine right at the beginning that the maintenance interval demonstrably influences energy efficiency. 
Through the recorded and evaluated data, we can now determine or are notified by Eco²lot if a plant or machine suddenly consumes more. If the other production parameters have not changed, this suggests that the cause is wear and tear on one of the components or some other operating problem.

With the energy management software now doing the monitoring of our operations for us, we have more resources in maintenance to consider how we can continue to optimize our operations. We are investing more time in analyzing our energy usage and discussing possible investments in more efficient and modern equipment.

Even though it was new and unfamiliar to work with energy management software in the beginning, my team and I have always felt comprehensively advised and well trained. Thank you to the energy efficiency experts at Eco²lot!"

My highlights of working with Eco²lot:

  • Saving costs and time through data-based insights into operations

  • Minimize downtime through real-time monitoring 

  • Meaningful and fast reports that land in my inbox on time and all by themselves

  • Energy consumption can be read out per order and batch without much effort 

  • Eco²lot is "Industry 4.0"

  • Cross-departmental information and data exchange
Intelligentes Energiemanagement mit Eco2lot

Take advantage of our experts' experience in increasing efficiency in production.

With Eco²lot, you reduce costs for energy and resources and have a basis for further applications from the field of Industry 4.0. At the same time, you act ecologically sustainable and lay the foundation for applications from the field of digitalization by using a future-proof platform.
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ISO 50001

Understand the ISO 50001 energy standard, implement it effectively and increase energy efficiency

Eco²lot supports you on your way from the implementation of the energy management system according to DIN EN ISO 50001 to certification and continuous improvement.
Read all about the energy standard here!
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"With Eco²lot now taking the burden of monitoring our operations off our shoulders, we have more resources in maintenance to consider how we can continue to optimize our operations."

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EnergyApps - smart and all-in

Already included in the standard are numerous tools (apps) that help you detect consumption peaks and deviations and optimize processes. This not only has a direct impact on your energy costs, but also increases the overall efficiency in your working environment.
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