Hierarchical overview of your energy management

The map for energy management

Hierarchical overview of all system-relevant nodes

Via the hierarchy created and the connections assigned in the devices, all information on occurring events is passed on from the device in question to all subordinate elements. This gives you a map of all systems, devices and measuring points in your company with which you can keep an overview and quickly get to the bottom of the error.



What functions does the Energy App Measurement have?

The Energy App Measurement creates a hierarchical representation of all your devices and measuring points. This allows you to easily summarize parameters such as energy consumption, production time, etc. for individual production lines or whole plants. The Energy App creates a plan of your energy management system that helps you to better understand and optimize your processes.

Events that occur are shared between the individual elements of the hierarchy. Thus it is always visible what effects a change has on the single devices without you having to note everything manually.

What problems will the app solve?

You have started to equip your production hall with measuring devices, but you don't know exactly which system is connected to which meter, which fuse is relevant for which machines or which measuring devices are installed in which production line and in which building?
With the help of Measurement, you always have an overview of your measuring infrastructure and are able to manage it much more easily.
By grouping certain measuring devices of a location in one measuring branch, you can carry out specific calculations for an investment project. The hierarchical arrangement of the nodes guarantees the validity of your measurements and prevents inaccurate or duplicate measurement results.

And how does the app work in practice?

You start at your main meter and enter all your measuring devices in the Energy App Measurement. It takes into account which devices are at which location and which meters record their consumption. Accordingly, the consumption of the meter in Hall A and the meter in Hall B are included in the higher-level meter of the location. The consumption of plant 1 and plant 2 is also included in the consumption of hall A, where the two machines are located. These dependencies are also set when calculating your EnPIs and creating reports.

You visualize all these connections and hierarchies in Measurement. If, for example, there is a power failure in Hall A, this information is automatically passed on to all subordinate elements. Specifically, this means that this is noted in the system data, in the calculation of the EnPIs and also in the creation of the reports.

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Eco²lot also makes your everyday life easier by automating manual processes and giving your specialists more time for value-adding tasks and energy management projects.

Is a hierarchical overview of all system-relevant nodes such as the Measurement app also interesting for your EnMS?

In many companies, extensive measurements are already carried out. But not to lose track of things is a bigger challenge.
We would be happy to advise you on setting up a clear measurement infrastructure in your company.

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