Sankey diagrams

The easy way to visualize your energy flows

Identify deviations at a glance

In a Sankey diagram, volume flows are shown as arrows. In addition to the direction of the flow, the arrows show the corresponding proportions by drawing the width of the arrow in proportion to the amount. Using the Sankey EnergyApp, complex volume flows can be visualized, including energy balances. In this way, the processes in your companies operations can be clearly visualized and deviations can be identified more easily.


What functions does the Sankey Energy App have?

Sankey visualizes all your energy flows with just a few clicks. This gives you a quick overview of the energy flow into your company and shows which consumers are currently using the energy.

These diagrams can be created on different levels. You can create a diagram for your entire company, for just one location, or for just one production facility.

Furthermore, Sankey differentiates between the different types of energy and visualizes them in different colors.

What problems can the app solve?

Sankey is an energy app that helps you to establish more structure and transparency in your company. The visualizations are very intuitive to understand and provide an impression of the energy and material flow within a glance.

Should an error occur in the operating processes, it is immediately visible on a Sankey diagram and you can act promptly.

And how does the app work in practice?

You create a Sankey diagram with the measuring points of your choice and thereby obtain a live picture of your energy and material flows. Now you can decide at which level you would like to view your flows. In an operational perspective, all flows that go into the company are included and broken down down to the smallest detail. Even if such approaches seem complex at first, they bring you great added value by showing you the processes in detail.

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