Load management

Reduction of peak loads and optimization of self-consumption

Lower your energy costs

In the energy industry, electricity consumption is often called a "load". The term load management is used accordingly to describe active control of power consumption. But why should you actively manage power consumption at all?
With load management, a distinction can be made between load-shifting, load-reducing, load-flexible and load-expanding control measures. These measures lead to various benefits and are an important part of the intelligent power grid.
The objective is to have an electricity demand that fluctuates as little as possible and can be predicted as easily as possible.
The overriding goal of load management is to reduce peak loads by, for example, shifting the corresponding demand to times of lower consumption. And the LastMan Energy App supports you!


What functions does the Energy App LastMan have?

The Energy App LastMan provides a wide range of functions to optimize your load management:

  • Calculation of the expected output in the current peak load period
  • Regular transmission of the utilization percentage to selected employees
  • Avoidance of peak loads by automatically switching off consumers with a low priority
  • Optimization of own electricity use

What problems can the app solve?

Load management is becoming more and more important, as it is cheaper for energy suppliers than expanding the power grid, building energy storage systems or building flexibly controllable power plants. This is why energy supply companies set certain incentives to reduce their peak loads or never to exceed a specified maximum output.

Therefore companies need transparency on the load profiles of their machines and systems. LastMan not only enables this, but also forecasts future peak loads and controls automatic switch-offs of unnecessary loads so that peak loads do not arise in the first place and your electricity costs remain low!

And how does the app work in practice?

Load management is technically implemented through permanent monitoring of relevant consumers. By setting a maximum peak load, consumers which are not absolutely necessary are switched off at times of high demand or low power supply.

These are for example electric ovens, electrolysis systems or refrigeration machines, which are classified as interruptible consumer devices.

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