Rapid development of web pages

Create your own websites with live values using drag & drop

Graphic project development

Design your own website for your projects. With our simple drag & drop functions, you do not need any programming knowledge for the Energy App. Visualize your systems and always keep an eye on the current status. Or use it to design your plans and use the digital prototype to optimize your projects.


What functions does the Energy App website have?

The design function of the Energy App website provides you with a variety of tools to graphically develop your project:

  • You can insert individual machine elements and display the live production data
  • A traffic light with previously defined limit values ​​enables you to quickly assess the situation
  • Operation data such as temperature or consumption can be integrated and monitored in real time
  • Use diagrams for better visualization

What problems can the app solve?

Would you like to visualize your processes and get a better understanding? Then use the website to digitally map your machines. This gives you transparency about the detailed workflows of your processes and shows your potential for optimization.

Or do you not only want to imagine a project in your head, but also sketch it digitally? You can also use the website for this!

And how does the app work in practice?

If you have mapped your production system in Eco²lot, you can look at the live values ​​at any time while you are optimizing, maintaining or inspecting the system.

For example, you can open the app website on a tablet and change settings on the machine on site. On the tablet or laptop, you can then follow in real time how the operating data is changing and consumption is falling, for example.

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Eco²lot also makes your everyday life easier by automating manual processes and giving your specialists more time for value-adding tasks and energy management projects.

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