Professional Energy Management

Act faster instead of extensive data collecting

For your professional energy management system, you can download all relevant data from your energy measuring devices such as electricity meters, water meters, gas meters, heat meters automatically as well as record and evaluate in a central database. Eco²lot is independent of hardware and therefore open to all device manufacturers. You can collect all relevant data from consumers and producers alike.

Data processes all energy-related data from industrial plants and buildings. Whichever electricity meters, measuring devices and production systems a company uses: The Energy App Data from Eco²lot archives all information and prepares the data for your energy management.

You can transfer already recorded information from existing measurement protocols into Data, integrate various bus systems and external databases. Eco²lot also detects all data related to energy consumption. These are, for example, machine running times, temperature profiles, system pressure and the amount of goods produced.

In short: the Energy App Data records all the values ​​that you would like to use to calculate your key energy figures.



What functions does the Energy App Data have?

Data offers you a wide range of options for handling your operational data. Among other things, you can use automatically generated graphics to get a comprehensive overview of your data quickly and in real time.

You can analyze your data, edit it, add it manually if necessary and also export it directly. In the app you not only get a direct overview of the stored data, but the Data Relationship Management contained in Eco²lot shows you all the existing connections between the individual data points. You can also change the parameters and the settings of the recording intervals directly in the Data App.

As in the other apps, you can flexibly add notes to individual data points and recordings. The "Event" function allows you to save and assign more detailed information. And the logs save all changes so that you can always check who has edited what.

What problems will the app solve?

The more detailed your data, the better the basis that you can use to evaluate the energy efficiency of your processes or properties.

There are numerous devices on the market for all forms of energy, such as electricity meters and heat meters, but also meters for machine running times or thermometers for the outside temperature. The only requirement for automated data acquisition with Data is that the device has a standardized communication interface. In addition, it is possible to import data from the past and from systems that do not offer any of the common interfaces of Eco²lot. The import takes place e.g. via XLS (MS Excel), CSV or email.

Tip: By systematically recording your energy loads, you can easily identify the amount of energy used for a third-party delimitation.

And how does the app work in practice?

Recorded data is continuously processed and condensed into meaningful information. Should an error occur during the measuring, you can also characterize, expand and edit your data points directly. In this way you create continuous transparency in your company. With the indirect connection, the Energy App Data takes the measured values ​​from a wide variety of machine controls, the respective systems or directly from the process control level or building management system. Typical for this are, for example, industrial controls (PLC, industrial PC), building control systems or software for operating data acquisition.

We have had a lot of experience with all kinds of measuring devices over the years. That is why we are happy to support you in selecting the measurement technology that is suitable for you.

Collecting data in real time directly at the point of usage

The direct route of data collection takes place via the networking of devices that measure energy consumption and associated parameters such as voltages, phase currents, power, reactive power, network frequency, etc.
In practice, the following interfaces are often used to connect the energy meters:
  • M-Bus: "Meter-Bus" for networking consumption meters
  • Modbus-RTU: Standard industrial bus with binary data
  • Modbus - TCP: Standard industrial bus based on TCP / IP


Indirect real-time recording of energy consumption


With the indirect connection, the Eco²lot server takes over the measured values ​​from the various machine controls, the respective systems or directly from the process control level or building management system. Typical for this are, for example, industrial controls (PLC, industrial PC), building control systems or software for operating data acquisition. Eco²lot reads this data via all standardized buses and protocols. These interfaces are in particular:
  • Modbus (rtu, Tcp / IP)
  • OPC (DA, UA, XML)
  • Bacnet
  • MQTT: the "slim" protocol for simple devices and narrowband transmission
  • Vendor-specific data protocols for measurement, control and regulation data
  • Data standards for machine communication in IoT and Industry 4.0

Easy import of historical and unstructured data

In addition to the automated processing of energy data, manual or script-controlled reading of data is often desirable. This enables a long period of consumption to be evaluated immediately after the installation of Eco²lot. In addition, in Eco²lot it is possible to import data from systems that do not offer any of the common interfaces. The import takes place e.g. via XLS (MS Excel), CSV or email.
Create transparency in your company

Characterize, expand and edit your data points directly in Eco²lot

Our flat rate license concept

With Eco²lot you can read and write data with more than 400 different interfaces. You can activate these interfaces at any time with a corresponding license.

An efficient energy management system requires a large number of different data. That is why our licenses are always valid for the entire server. Any number of data points and connections can be set up with an interface license.

A license for OPC UA is included with every server. You can easily connect all devices to an OPC UA server.

OPC driver for all PLC controls

Such as:

Allen-Bradley, Analog Devices, Aromat, Atlas Copco, AtomationDirect, Beckhoff, Busware, Cisco, Contrex, Control Technology, Cutler Hammer, Codesys (V2 & V3), Dataforth, DGH, DNP, Enron RTU, Fanuc, Fisher ROC, Fuji Flex, GE Fanuc, GE Focas1, Hilscher, Hirschmann, Honeywell, IA Super SEL, Idec, IOTech PointScan, Koyo, Krauss Maffei, Micro-DCI, Mitsubishi, Modicon, Modbus (TCP, ASCII, PLUS, RTU), Moxa, Network Management, N-TRON, Omron, Optomation OptiLogic, Partlow ASCII, Philipps, Profibus, Sattbus, Scanivalve, Siemens (S7-200, S7-300, S7-400, S7-1200, S7-1500), Sixnet, SNMP, SquareD, Stanley, Telemecanique Uni-Telway, Thermo Westronics, TIWAY, Toshiba, Toyopuc, Triconex, Wago, WeatherBug, Wonderware, Yaskawa, Yokogawa…

Your advantages

  • The energy consumption can be called up almost in real time.
  • This enables industrial companies in particular to save considerable costs.
  • The Eco²lot software can not only read the data via all interfaces, but also send switching commands to the systems.
  • By specifically switching consumers on and off at peak load times, energy costs can often be reduced considerably.



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