The data logger for your energy management

Manage all information in one place

Wouldn't it be nice if all relevant data of the energy management is stored in a central location?
When was a measuring point installed?
  • Who installed the measuring point?
  • What kind of measuring point was installed?
  • Where is the measuring point installed?
  • When was the measuring point serviced and when is the next servicing due?
  • What internal and external communication is there via the measuring point?
The Logger App is intended to give you transparency and control over what is happening in the company. Save time with tedious research through documents and use the digital logbook. With a seamless history, you can quickly identify anomalies and discrepancies.


What functions does the Energy App Logger have?

From now on it is very easy to see what was done by whom and when!
In addition to the actual measurement data, the Eco²lot energy data logger also saves all process data relating to the systems, devices and sensors. Information is saved as events, notes can be added as desired and all changes can be traced in the form of logs.

Not only basic information on the measuring point can be recorded, but also further information on sensors and meter types, on completed calibrations and maintenance including protocols as well as on all correspondence in the form of e-mails or documents.

What problems will the app solve?

Forget tedious research! With Logger you can call up all information at any time via PC, tablet or smartphone.

When was the system last serviced?
What influence does the maintenance status have on energy consumption?
Have the operating parameters been changed?
Where are the operating instructions stored?
Where do we get support?

And the connection of third-party systems is easy to implement and enables full connectivity.

And how does the app work in practice?

Imagine the person responsible for your most important production plant is absent and the machine shows worrying signals. Where can you find the most important information about the system, the measuring point, the last maintenance or calibration? With the Energy App Logger you would have all information and all correspondence about the measuring point immediately available and clearly structured at hand so that you can make the right decisions immediately.

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Eco²lot also makes your everyday life easier by automating manual processes and giving your specialists more time for value-adding tasks and energy management projects.
Intelligentes Energiemanagement mit Eco2lot

Is a reliable logbook like Logger also interesting for your plant?

In many systems, the age of individual components is a black box. Especially for sensors that provide you with important measurement data, monitoring during the entire sensor life is important.

We will be happy to advise you on the app that keeps you constantly informed about the maintenance status of your sensor technology. 

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