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Energy indicators are the central controlling instrument for energy management. They condense the multitude of measured values ​​and calculations into a few meaningful figures. In the Energy App Calculator you can calculate any desired key figure and configure it for automatic calculations.
The most important use cases include the calculation of consumption, energy costs, operating hours and the corresponding EnPIs.


What functions does the Energy App Calculator have?

The Eco²lot app can be used to generate virtual data from two or more data points. Further calculations can then be carried out with the original data as well as the calculated data. This includes the

  • Consumption calculation
  • Totalizer
  • Energy costs
  • EnPIs
  • Normalize
  • Operating hours
  • Switching cycles

What problems will the app solve?

The functions of calculator give us answers to questions like these:

  • Energy carrier share: What is the share of energy carriers in the total energy consumption?
  • Energy intensity: What is the proportion of certain processes in the total energy consumption?
  • Energy sales costs: What is the share of energy costs in sales?
  • Total energy costs: What proportion do the energy costs have in the total production costs?
  • Specific energy costs: What proportion do the energy costs have in the production costs of the individual products?
  • CO2 balance: How high are the CO2 emissions per product?

By observing such values, you will recognize the need for action to cut costs. Whether the energy-saving measures carried out were successful can be seen by comparing current and older key figures. By looking at the trend in key energy figures, you can identify increasing deviations at an early stage. This enables timely intervention before costs get out of hand.

And how does the app work in practice?

A production line usually consists of a large number of machines. These are in turn connected to several measuring devices. If you now want to calculate key figures such as total consumption, consumption per end product or per customer, you must take the measured values ​​of each individual system into account.

With the Energy App Calculator, this happens fully automatically after the initial configuration. All you have to do is determine the variables batch size or order number and the calculation is carried out. You can also calculate more complex cross-machine and cross-location EnPIs and save them for future evaluations.

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Eco²lot also makes your everyday life easier by automating manual processes and giving your specialists more time for value-adding tasks and energy management projects.

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