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As the person responsible, you want to be informed promptly about malfunctions within machines and systems. With the help of the energy data ​​of a system, many defects can be identified at an early stage and can be eliminated before major damage occurs.
Eco²lot supports you!
The reporting and alarm functions for deviations notify you early in advance about excessive differences between current actual values ​​and defined target values.
This allows you to intervene quickly before a situation escalates.



What functions does the Energy App Alarm have?

Alarm monitors the important functions of your machines and systems by continuously recording and monitoring energy-related data. If there are deviations from the setpoints, the responsible employee is notified immediately via the reporting and alarm function for deviations. You define the escalation levels by staggering threshold values. You determine for each level what kind of message is transmitted on which channel to whom.
Every alert is logged and additional information can be used to record which countermeasures were taken.

You can easily link these notifications to a shift plan. The shift supervisor then receives messages about deviations from the target values.

The following are available for this:

  • SMS
  • e-mail
  • Messanger service "Telegram"
  • Phone call

What problems will the app solve?

The configuration of the reporting and alarm function for deviations takes place when entering the data of the sensor or the measuring point. It is defined in which situations a notification should be made.

The most important states include:

  • Measuring point does not respond (no network connection, no data transmission, complete failure)
  • Machine downtime
  • Failure of a phase
  • Current consumption too high
  • Temperature too low / too high
  • Rapid temperature drop / rise
  • Pressure too low / too high
  • Rapid pressure drop / rise
  • Motion detector triggered
  • Door contact open / closed

And how does the app work in practice?

You integrate a new machine for shock freezing into your production system and connect it directly to the corresponding measuring point on Eco²lot. You configure the reporting and alarm function for deviations in the production temperature directly so that an employee is notified directly via a telephone call if the temperature is exceeded by more than 2 degrees.

Two weeks later there is actually a fault in the system and the temperature has exceeded the critical limit value. Since you have linked your shift plans with the Energy App Alarm, the responsible employee is notified directly and can act quickly so that no further products are lost. After the system has been repaired, the employee notes directly in the log why the alarm was triggered, what countermeasures were taken and what damage has occurred. All of this can be managed directly in the Energy App Alarm.

We have a lot of experience with reporting systems of all kinds over the years.
That is why we are happy to support you in selecting and setting up your individual system.

Logging and evaluation of all reports

Every alert is logged and additional information can be used to record which countermeasures were taken.

  • When was the message or alarm triggered?
  • Who received the report?
  • When did the recipient respond to the message?

You can use many reporting functions to check the frequency and effectiveness of alerts.

  • Are the alarms working
  • Length of the response time to messages and alarms
  • Evaluation of the implemented measures
  • Frequencies of errors

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Eco²lot also makes your everyday life easier by automating manual processes and giving your specialists more time for value-adding tasks and energy management projects.

The reporting and alarm function for deviations from Eco²lot offers your system additional security.

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