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The real estate industry plays a dominant role in achieving the climate protection goals. Four areas in particular are of interest to those responsible, in which our Eco²lot energy management software can also serve as support. As a result, you not only work much more effectively, but also save time and thus costs.

In energy controlling, Eco²lot supports, among other things, the collection and evaluation of characteristic values, the ongoing temporal collection of characteristic values, and the appropriate intervention in the event of target values being exceeded and extreme temporal fluctuations.
Our software supports you in providing your tenants and users with reliable and up-to-date information on energy consumption and energy-conscious behavior, thus saving heating energy and preventing possible moisture damage.
Eco²lot enables a precise analysis of the heat supply. Based on the results, you can adjust your heating systems and optimize operational management.
A prerequisite for a comprehensive modernization concept is the preparation of a portfolio analysis for the entire building stock or the development of measure concepts for individual buildings. This may be necessary in order to take advantage of subsidies and loans.
With powerful and intelligent functions for technical monitoring of energy data, maintenance information and conditions in properties, Eco²lot supports you in setting up and operating an energy management system.

Flawless cooperation with the management and operating equipment of your building facilities ensures that the causes of above-average energy consumption are made visible to you online. Designed for all lifecycle phases, the energy management or FM software is used to record and manage properties, buildings and technical facilities.

Eco²lot inspires with holistic solution concepts, which present the FM processes in the management of real estate transparently and holistically and optimize them almost by themselves through intelligent automation.

TRANSPARENCY With the usage of Eco²lot, you gain deeper insights into your facility management processes and building assets through processed data and intelligent solutions

Independent and expandable - by using HTML5, SQL and CEP servers as well as the OPC router from Inray, Eco²lot is flexibly expandable.

SIMPLICITY Simplicity and speed are our watchwords - from startup, through installation and operation. Use this for yourself and also for your customers.
ENERGY EFFICIENCY With our energy efficiency software you upgrade your building management as well as your energy management system and regain control over your energy consumption.

Your advantages:

  • Flexible, simple and manufacturer-independent collection of all group-wide data for a fully networked infrastructure
  • Visualization of all meters, cost centers, etc.
  • Unlimited scalability across all cities and buildings
  • Public funding eligibility
  • Limitless addition to your system
  • Inclusion of all information relevant to energy management
  • Comprehensive analysis and intervention options through integration of the building control system

Take advantage of our experts' experience in increasing efficiency in energy production.

With Eco²lot, you reduce costs for energy and resources and have a basis for further applications from the field of Industry 4.0. At the same time, you act ecologically sustainable and lay the foundation for applications from the field of digitalization by using a future-proof platform.
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