Just like medium-sized companies, our experts are characterized by extensive know-how and a high degree of specialization. In order not to tie up staff unnecessarily for energy management, Eco²lot enables uncomplicated configuration and intuitive operation. Investing in our energy management software is doubly worthwhile: You benefit from government subsidies and achieve high savings as well as energy efficiency with little effort, which can also be used as a sales argument for your products.

Transparency With the introduction of Eco²lot, you will get deeper insights into your production through processed data and intelligent solutions.
Automation Automated processes in manufacturing, production and energy monitoring - does not only sound good, it also lowers costs and saves time.
Energy efficiency

With our energy efficiency software you can upgrade your energy management system and regain control of your energy consumption.


By using Eco²lot you relieve the management and can focus on your added value and research.

Your advantages:

  • Short implementation phase during operation
  • Flexible, simple and manufacturer-independent collection of all group-wide data for a fully networked infrastructure
  • Visualization of all counters, cost centers, etc.
  • Easy handling
  • Integration of all information relevant for energy management
  • Comprehensive analysis and intervention options through integration of the building management system
  • Support with ISO 50001: 2018 certification
  • Modular structure and open interfaces

Use the experience of our experts to increase the efficiency in production.

With Eco²lot you reduce costs for energy and resources and have a basis for further applications in the field of Industry 4.0. At the same time, you act in an ecologically sustainable manner and lay the foundation for applications in the field of digitization by using a future-proof platform.

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