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Eco²lot serves as a central platform for all processes in industrial and commercial energy management to enable a simple and at the same time network-integrated energy management system for all sites and administrative units. All consumption data is seamlessly recorded, processed and analyzed throughout the whole company. Furthermore, measurement data, key performance indicators (EnPIs), reports and dashboards are made available to all parties involved.

Energy management in the food industry is often based on a heterogeneous measurement infrastructure. Therefore, universal measuring devices, PLCs or data loggers serve as data sources, which usually have to be integrated across locations.Eco²lot therefore not only collects consumption data and physical quantities for you, but also master data or production data from ERP, MES or control systems. Furthermore, Eco²lot is at your side as a competent partner for future developments in energy and technology management, so that you become fit for the digital future.

Eco²lot serves you for the analysis and evaluation of your data. This allows you to advance automation in your food manufacturing business easily and quickly. An investment in our energy efficiency software will lower your costs in the long term and relieve management through automated monitoring, reporting and much more. Our offer applies to both craft and industrial companies.

TRANSPARENCY With the introduction of Eco²lot, you gain deeper insights into your production through analysis, processed data and intelligent solutions.
AUTOMATION Automated processes in manufacturing, production and energy monitoring - does not only sound good, but also reduces costs and saves time.
USER-FRIENDLY You don't have an energy agency and no IT experts? We have designed Eco²lot to be intuitive and simple so that really anyone can work with the software.
FREEDOM By using Eco²lot, you relieve the management, reduce costs and are able to concentrate more on your value creation and research.

Your advantages:

  • Flexible, simple and manufacturer-independent collection of all group-wide data for a fully networked infrastructure
  • Visualization of all meters, cost centers, etc.
  • Unlimited scalability across all locations and metering points
  • Unlimited extension of your system up to the creation of a production portal
  • Inclusion of all information relevant to energy management
  • Group-wide transparency
  • Comprehensive analysis and intervention options through integration of building control systems
  • Support for ISO 50001 certification

In addition to our intuitive software, we also offer extensive services!

Find out here which services are included in our Eco²lot energy management software:

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