Eco²lot enables simplicity and speed in energy management and therefore quickly provides you with real added value. 

Getting an overall view is usually very difficult, as the individual areas are equipped with a wide variety of technologies and the plants are often very widely distributed.

Thanks to Eco²lot's diverse interfaces, all relevant information can now be easily combined in a central system. This applies to both people and technology. The responsible employees at the individual on-site locations are also integrated and can enter relevant information in Eco²lot, access documentation or make documents available to others.

Our expertise applies to grid and power plant operators as well as regional municipal utilities and anyone who generates energy themselves.

Through our offer, you can expand your digital competencies with regard to energy management systems and thus generate a competitive advantage. Our solutions are designed to increase your energy efficiency, optimize your production and also coordinate your operations. We also provide you with expert support in planning, integration and certification.

TRANSPARENCY With the introduction of Eco²lot, you gain deeper insights into your production through processed data and intelligent solutions.
Digital Automated processes in energy production and monitoring - not only sounds good, but also reduces costs and saves time.
ENERGY EFFICIENCY With our energy efficiency software, you optimize your energy management system and regain control over your energy consumption.
Service Whether production-related energy monitoring, energy analyses or active load management - our experts will help you around the clock.

Your advantages:

  • Short implementation phase during ongoing operation
  • Expand your product portfolio and strengthen customer loyalty
  • Modular structure and open interfaces
  • Simple operation
  • Inclusion of all information relevant for energy management
  • Enhance your image with our advanced software

Take advantage of our experts' experience in increasing efficiency in energy production.

With Eco²lot, you reduce costs for energy and resources and have a basis for further applications from the field of Industry 4.0. At the same time, you act ecologically sustainable and lay the foundation for applications from the field of digitalization by using a future-proof platform.

In addition to our intuitive software, we also offer extensive services!

Find out here which services are included in our Eco²lot energy management software:

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