Eco²lot serves as a central platform for all consumption data that is generated either in your company or in the company of your customers. With Eco²lot, not only you can access this data at any time, but also your customers. This saves you time and money, which means that the investment quickly pays for itself.

Energieeffizienz mit Eco2lot einfach und gerne steigern

A new service offering is well received - if it delivers what it promises. With Eco²lot, you can recommend a tried-and-tested solution that also makes it easy and quick to get started.


You benefit by adding energy management to your core business model. Learn about the possibilities of energy management and satisfy your customers!

Freedom By using Eco²lot you relieve the management and can concentrate again on your value creation, research and customer acquisition.
Simplicity Simplicity and speed are our watchwords - from startup, through installation and operation. Use this also for your customers and offer them maximum flexibility at the same time.

Your advantages:

  • Flexible, simple and manufacturer-independent collection of all group-wide data for a fully networked infrastructure
  • Visualization of all meters, cost centers, etc.
  • Unlimited scalability across all locations and metering points
  • Unlimited extension of your system up to the creation of a production portal
  • Inclusion of all information relevant to energy management
  • Company-wide transparency
  • Comprehensive analysis and intervention options through integration of the building control system
  • Support for certifications and public funding
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